Work Resumption Report

Release Time:

Mar 03,2020

Work Resumption

Due to the unexpected outbreaking of the coronavirus, we have to delay the work resumption. After being approved by the government, we officially resume to work at Feb.17. And 85% local staff get back to work, which can maintain 80% production capacity currently. Normal capacity is expected to restore in early March.

Until now,there are no confirmed infection cases in Penglai City, all of us are safe and healthy, but our companystill take measures to prevent the disease such as disinfection of workshop, temperature checks, health registration, and wearing face masks, etc, to keep safe production environment.

Order Fulfillment and Logistics Status

As our epidemic prevention preparations were done very well, and various anti-epidemic measures after the resumption of work were implemented adequately, also the situation of employeesreturn is ideal. At present, the production capacity has been restored to80-90% of the production capacity. It is expected that our Production capacity will be fully restored at Early March.

Now we are still receiving orders closely, if you have pending orders, appreciate to update us ASAP. So we can arrange to guarantee both quality and quantity on time.


For shipment, since the Shandong Provincial Government has included export goods into the important material transportation categoryand prioritized the passage. At our local, the transportation of the products from our factory to the port return to normal at Feb. 18, so it wont be affected by the epidemic.

We'll keep tracking the status and try our best to expedite. Sorry for the inconveniences caused and thanks for your patience.

We'll keep you updated.





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